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The name fish + goat? Simple meaning behind our name- Annella is a Piscean and Eve is a Capricorn, hence fish + goat.


I am a woodworker and most of my raw materials are from Maine. I have created live edge tables, small wooden push and pull toys, various kinds of cutting boards, folk art, hand carved signs and I also focus on furniture restoration. I often utilize maple saplings in my tables. My furniture has tended to be on the rustic side with embedded stones or carved tabletops. My strongest influence is nature and it’s reflected in my work.


Covid forced me to take a year out. I’ve always been interested in working with Eve somehow and the opportunity came when we were discussing carving technology. I have a background in design and marketing so this is a fun (and challenging) project to work with Eve on. When I’m not in the workshop, you can find me on a river fly fishing or DJ’ing at WMPG radio station (Cool Britannia).